outdoor installation, performance and sound effects, dresden 2003
xx-fresh kaffeebar
>>deutsche version >>english version

SLOAPsolutions have been invited to take part in ‘Public Sampler’, a project that was part of a series of art events produced as ‘Dresden Postplatz’ in the former East German city of Dresden over a period of 7 months (see Dating_The Love Snack).
Having examined matters of sociability in the public realm by looking at the history of cafes and focusing on a Speed Dating Event in a London Pret A Manger sandwich store (‘The Love snack’), SLOAPsolutions decided to come up with its own unsustainable version of reinvented sociability on a Postplatz SLOAP.
The intention was to combine a set of own rules with the opportunity to trigger off a conversation with and between the curious who happen to pass by.
Hence, an Open Air Coffee Bar was designed in the style of a 1950‘s trade fair stand and built usi...


kommt in Kürze...

Postplatz SLOAP