video work london 2003
the love snack
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SLOAPsolutions were invited to produce two works for ‚Dresden Postplatz‘, a 7 months arts and events programme in Dresden, Germany, which resulted in the video work ‘The Love snack’ and the ‘xx fresh KAFFEEBAR’.

Under the umbrella of ‘Public Sampler’, works by 7 different artists and artists groups were to be installed on Postplatz, a main square in the old city centre. The square had been bombed during the 2nd World War, had seen a number of East German buildings being erected during the 60’s and 70’s and had been the subject of various regeneration proposals since the Reunification in 1989.

Until recently, the most favoured competition entry tried to generate inner city liveliness by pedestrianising most parts of the square and allocating space to street cafés etc. This p...
kommt in Kürze...
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