performance, video london 2004
the hotscent experience
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Given the often negative perception of Left Over Spaces as places to be avoided, SLOAPsolutions decided to link the debate about SLOAPs with the fantasy about rural life shared amongst city dwellers, which has been kept alive by urban reform movements in the past and present. The subsequent proposal was based on the almost mythical experience of a fox sighting in the urban environment, taking into account that urban foxes colonized urban wasteland in London since the 1940´s*. It suggested the planning of an Urban Fox Hunt that would lead through East Dulwich SLOAPs. SLOAPsolutions representatives set out to research the number of SLOAPs inhabited by foxes in the area around the gallery by doing a Fox Survey. For this purpose, certain methods and schedules were adopted from the National Fox Survey that had been carried out in Britain from Nov 1998 to Oct 2...
kommt in Kürze...
1:1000 scale maps of SLOAPs and fox routes in public/ private spaces