installation, performance, sound effects london 2004
the hotscent experience II
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Using all the information gathered during “Welcome to the Hotscent Experience” Part 1, a feasibility study has been published which explains how to explore the Left Over Spaces with the Urban Hunt. Amongst other practicalities it describes how to move about freely in the area, which also implies negotiating access to private property whereby the idea of public space is extended beyond the confinements of the street. An application has been made to Southwark Council for permission to use the public roads with the Hunt, which is still pending at the time of writing. In connection with this application, SLOAPsolutions representatives have been repeatedly interviewed by local Metropolitan Police Officers to explain the aims and intentions of the event, which has been met with reservations on their side given the current political debate regarding Fox Hunt...
kommt in Kürze...
Urban Fox Hunt Show Flat